My Story

Hi, my name is Yolanda, and my love for digital marketing, transformative foundational models for AI, and helping people piqued my entrepreneurial spirit. I have over 20 years of results-driven experience working in sales, marketing, and account management for top-tier Fortune 500 companies. In addition to being a true introvert and problem solver, I have always been the go-to person to get things done because I am a detailed professional, trustworthy, and have a keen curiosity for innovation. My goal is to create a system that leverages the economic changes of AI and helps small businesses compete in the ever-changing digital ecosystem.

It took the pandemic to reflect on how I could utilize my talents and gifts to help other small business owners and solopreneurs solve their problems. Being multi-hyphenated, my expertise allows me to distinctly break down how everything is a form of intelligence in this digital ecosystem that we live in with unlimited opportunities. My experience within multiple industries such as Insurance, Healthcare, Education, HR/Payroll Services, Holistic Beauty, and Digital Marketing allows me to see the big picture and use strategic marketing tactics, creative vision, and insight to assist businesses in differentiating themselves from competitors and operational efficiency. In these uncertain economic times, businesses need to operate smarter and leaner.

My love for helping people is the secret sauce that brings value to the client relationship by realizing the importance of listening, focusing on clients' business needs, always learning, and showing kindness. I commit to developing a mutually positive approach that maximizes value creation and a focused mindset for business growth.